Christmas Mystery Word Freebie

Need a fun and fast way to boost your students' vocabulary? Here's a Mystery Word of the Week free download you can print and use today! Enjoy!

Free Mystery Word of the Week from Hello Mrs Sykes on Teachers Pay Teachers

Veteran's Day Free Word Work, grades 1-3

I love the discussions I have with students about our military. I am married to an Army son, and the military communities in NC are pretty amazing.

If you need a fast word work activity for November 11, click the link to download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Enjoy! 🇺🇸

How to Teach Phonics Intervention Lessons for Grades 3-5

When you have students who are in upper elementary classrooms reading several years below grade level, your phonics instruction needs to be systematic and focused. Today we will look at several students* reading far below grade level, and we will walk through how to address their needs.
* All student names have been changed, in case you were curious.

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