Fluency, Accuracy, and Confidence with The Partner Game!

If you work with struggling readers in grades 2-5, you know it can be a challenge to keep these learners engaged and enthusiastic while practicing Fluency and Accuracy. Today, I'm sharing my secret weapon: The Partner Game!


Homemade Colored Rice ~ A Tutorial

Why colored rice?  It's fun!  So often we forget to make things hands-on for our upper elementary students. Colored rice is great for tactile learners and much easier to clean up than sand.  In the past, I've used colored rice in baby wipe containers (easy storage) for younger students to practice writing letters or words in the rice.  They love the feel of the rice, and if some falls on the floor, they use the whisk broom and sweep it up in a jiffy.  With my older learners, I use colored rice to make word work fun with Shake It Up!


How to Play Scoot

Need a quick way to review? Want to see what your kiddos know in less than 15 minutes? Scoot is a game I use in classrooms to get kiddos up and moving while we review. It's a quick way to get a look at how the class is doing with a concept. Just like any other game you play with students, teach them how to play it. It's a great way to spend 10 minutes on a rainy day, trust me.


Tablet Solutions for the Classroom

My school is in the middle of budget season, and purchasing decisions have to be made for the following school year. If you are an administrator in a school that uses iPads or other mobile devices, you need to take a look at Tech Tubs from Copernicus Educational Products.

{source: www.copernicused.com}


Getting Crafty, Giveaways, and a Freebie

Y'all, I have been getting crafty with my kiddos! Well, my version of crafty. I'm a walking ad for a Pinterest craft fail, and I've burned myself with a glue gun more often than I really want to admit over my teaching career. You know how that is, right?

I hate photocopying stuff for kiddos to cut out, as it seems to waste a lot of ink, energy, etc. Ellison Education to the rescue! They sent me an AllStar SuperStar Machine last month, and I have been having a blast! Check out our projects in the pictures below:

Hello Mrs Sykes ~ Ellison AllStar SuperStar #Giveaway and a #Freebie!
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