Tablet Solutions for the Classroom

My school is in the middle of budget season, and purchasing decisions have to be made for the following school year. If you are an administrator in a school that uses iPads or other mobile devices, you need to take a look at Tech Tubs from Copernicus Educational Products.

{source: www.copernicused.com}


Getting Crafty, Giveaways, and a Freebie

Y'all, I have been getting crafty with my kiddos! Well, my version of crafty. I'm a walking ad for a Pinterest craft fail, and I've burned myself with a glue gun more often than I really want to admit over my teaching career. You know how that is, right?

I hate photocopying stuff for kiddos to cut out, as it seems to waste a lot of ink, energy, etc. Ellison Education to the rescue! They sent me an AllStar SuperStar Machine last month, and I have been having a blast! Check out our projects in the pictures below:

Hello Mrs Sykes ~ Ellison AllStar SuperStar #Giveaway and a #Freebie!


Learn With Rock 'N Learn ~ A Giveaway

Have you heard of Rock ‘N Learn? They integrate learning and music in a fun way. Why is this important? When working with kids, I found that most preferred a song to a lecture or pop quiz, and these fun apps, DVDs, and CDs from Rock ‘N Learn are a good choice.


How to Secure Your PDF ~ A Bright Idea!

Here's a quick, Bright Idea for all the Teacher-Authors out there...  How to secure a PDF.
Read on to Secure PDFs for free


Boost Speaking and Listening

Y'all remember the game Say It? I love, love, love this game. I wrote a post about it, including a video of how I use it with my reading groups. CLICK HERE to visit that post.


And here I am, writing about them again. Seriously, I'm not real well-planned on the ball consistent lately. Really, this game is that good, and I wanted to pass along this special blogger deal - $10 per game! Read on to see the details!

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