Guided Reading Guide and a Freebie

     When I went back into the classroom to teach 2nd grade in 2010, I found that I *really* missed one special part of my prior life as a Literacy Specialist/Literacy Coach.  I missed working closely with teachers, holding workshops, and meeting regularly to discuss the best practices they are using in their classroom so I can see how best to support their professional growth.  Stemming from that desire to assist other teachers, I created this blog to share resources.
      I created this Guided Reading Guide based on the needs of my teacher friends.  We were always chatting at the grocery store or while waiting to pick up our kiddos from Scouts, and we always ended up chatting about . It's become a quick refresher for anyone who is beginning guided reading for the first time.

I hope you like it, and give me some feedback.

"I am very happy using this product as a first time teacher of guided reading. This is a well focused document and fun to use!"
"This really helped me in getting myself ready to start Guided Reading. Thanks for such a helpful resource."
"Everything i need in one place!"

Here is a Freebie from the Guided Reading Guide...  It's a cheat sheet for before/during/after reading.  Click here to download on TPT.   I'd love it if you left feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers! Thanks!!

Need more?  Here's a blog post all about Working with Small Groups.  :)  Happy Teaching, y'all!


  1. have created a nice cheat sheet for teacher and student moves B/D/A guided reading. However, after spending quite a bit of time teaching Reading Workshop and critical thinking during guided reading in Kindergarten at Lake Myra, I truly believe this could be labeled K-5 vs. 1-5.
    Jen Jones @

    1. Jen, Great to hear from you!! I actually debated that several times in the last week as I was creating the entire packet. (I almost emailed for your opinion.) :) Thanks for tipping the scales; I'll make the changes this afternoon. Happy Sunday, friend!


  2. Thank you so so much for your guided reading cheat sheet! I am a first year teacher on a young team and effective guided reading has been a huge challenge for me (and the rest of us). Having this on hand will make sure I'm doing what I need to do without feeling lost. :) I can't wait to use this!

  3. I love your guided reading cheat sheet! I am going to repost this on my facebook page. Thanks!


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