My New Classroom Pictures!

I just started a new job, since I was able to secure a perfect position at a school near my house that lets me:
1) do what I love - geek out about Literacy all. day. long.  :)
2) work around my children's schedule
3) work four days per week

Love it!  :)  Here's the "before" pictures:
First view of the room - note all the clutter!  Ick!
View from the other corner - still terribly cluttered!
  After only 2 days (which was mostly spent doing paperwork!)  Here it is:
Front work station, with Discussion Rules from Jennifer Jones

Mystery Word of the Week and Graduation Year Posters {free}

Reading Speeds and Characteristics of a Strong Reader

Prompts for our Book Conferences

Many of my Working on Words activities, including the games I've blogged about here.
Now I'm going to hang out with the people who live in my house, and have an early night!  :)

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